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I think I got the inttention here, but saddly is not pretty well performed, next time I suggest to avoid the spinning background, the detail of the elevator guy and the lipsynch wasn't that bad, but you should had performed better for the dance (the riding moves are not very well performed)

Next time put a little more effort in the animation and variety on it, recycling frames are good resource, but don't abuse them in suations like this

I hope to see you perform better next time ^_^

Thevelocimotion responds:

The truth is that I made this video because I was bored fast xD
no effort THROW truth xDD
I let one where I put more effort xDD

awesome! Awebo!!!

Simplemente genial! cuando todo el merito se lo lleva el humor y la tecnica!!
sinply Genius!! when all the merit goes to homour and technique!!

No puedo esperar a que saque mas vete a la versh, pero tambien seria genial que continuaras la legenda de melda
I can't wait for you to pull out more vete a la versh, but I loke too that you continue with the Legend of Melda

Weird enough to make laugh

I never tought this meme will make me laugh more than "The Idiots of Garry's Mod 2" version, I suggest you to watch it,

BTW the remix is more lonegr, isn't it? if this is the case, I really apreciate a longer version, but it's just my opinion. Good Work

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What can I say that everyone already did?

My friends and me only dreamed with this only in our young days, and watched a lot of hacked cartridges here and there. but this!!! this is a whole other story!!

The only weord thing I found was World 6-3 about 3/4 of the stage with Simon some of the blocks won't break with anything or jumps when hitted below.

Aside from that I'm playing my more pleasant game in my life

Way to go!

Pretty Good!!

Well done and performed!

the only bad thing I found: I really wanted more ways to kill the sheeps :P

way to go!!

Pretty good!

I liked this game, was fun while I played it, as far I saw you made a good semi-engine for SIMS... if you can extend it more I bet you can use it for something more bigger!

Just do something with the music, pretty annoying with the pass of the time.

Peace Man!

What can I say?... I need a Box of cigarretes to continue my life ^_^

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